We provide individualized services for each child that revolve around the child’s unique strengths and challenges in the areas of communication. Therapy services can include both direct and indirect consultations. Direct therapy consists of individualized instruction for your child in a one to one or small group setting. Indirect therapy includes parent training sessions as well as consultations with educators and other professionals that provide service to the child.

Some of the common issues our services address include: articulation, phonology, language comprehension, language expression, language learning disorders and phonological awareness, pragmatics, voice, and fluency disorders.

Speech and language therapy sessions are provided in 60-minute increments, which includes time spent reviewing the session’s goals and progress with parents at the conclusion of each session.

Therapy sessions are individualized based on your child’s age and his communication needs. For example, a two-year-old child who has challenges with expressive language may be giving opportunities to use simple words and gestures during sessions that revolve around preferred activities that are motivating to him. If he likes bubbles, then an activity might be to have him request for “bubbles” using signs or words or gestures. Another example might be a seven-year old child who has difficulty producing sounds such as the “R” or “S” sounds. Therapy for this child would focus on correct placement of the structures needed to produce these sounds in words and sentences.

Individual therapy sessions for younger clients (birth-pre-k) also include a crucial parent-training component. Parents are taught language facilitation techniques and are also videotaped with their child while using these learned techniques. Video feedback sessions are held on a periodic basis with the speech therapist to encourage self-evaluation and further growth of these skills.