Our Services

Socialization Groups
Social skills are essential to school success. Children who have challenges in social language (also called pragmatics) benefit from our after school social groups.

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Early Intervention Services
It’s more than baby talk. Long before your child says his first word you can identify early communication delays. Intervention for children with these delays is crucial to implement before the age of three years.

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Certified Parent Training Center
The Hanen Centre is a recognized innovator in family-focused early language intervention programs and learning resources for parents and professionals around the world.

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Cook Speech and Language is a certified Non-Public Agency (NPA) through the California State Department of Education. We provide speech and language services for both public and private schools throughout the region. Our employees work closely with school district staff in order to provide the highest quality of service for students through their Individualized Education Plans. Please contact us for more information on contract service provision.

Evaluations & Testing


A speech and language assessment includes a variety of standardized and non-standardized measures.

These tools are used to provide you with the most accurate descriptions of your child’s speech and language strengths, as well as any challenges in these areas. Not sure whether your child is in need of an evaluation? Call us for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your concerns.

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We provide individualized services for each child that revolve around the child’s unique strengths and challenges in the areas of communication.

Therapy services can include both direct and indirect consultations. Direct therapy consists of individualized instruction for your child in a one to one or small group setting. Indirect therapy includes parent training sessions as well as consultations with educators and other professionals that provide service to the child.

Some of the common issues our services address include: articulation, phonology, language comprehension, language expression, language learning disorders and phonological awareness, pragmatics, voice, and fluency disorders.

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Seminar & Training Services

Pediatricians, early childhood staff, and educators benefit from maintaining a knowledge base in the area of speech and language disorders. Our seminar sessions are held at your workplace site and range from thirty to ninety minutes in length. Topics include areas such as early intervention (birth-three) and early warning signs of speech and language delay, recognizing symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder, language facilitation techniques for early childhood educators, parent training, toddler and preschool language development, and school age language disorders.