Alta California Regional Center creates, and maintains partnerships to support all persons with developmental disabilities, children at risk, and their families in choosing services and supports through individual lifelong planning to achieve satisfying lifestyles in their own communities.

Alta is one of a network of 21 regional centers in California established by the Lanterman Mental Retardation Services Act of 1969. Alta is a private non-profit corporation working under contract with the California Department of Developmental Services.

ACRC provides services to over 13,000 persons with developmental disabilities and their families throughout a ten county area. Each county is unique. ACRC works to develop local services and supports that help meet our mission.

Speech-Language Pathology Services
(1) Identification of children with communicative or oropharyngeal disorders and delays in development of communication skills, including the diagnosis and appraisal of specific disorder and delays in those skills;

(2) Referral for medical or other professional services necessary for the habilitation or rehabilitation of children with communicative or oropharyngeal disorders and delays in development of communication skills; and

(3) Provision of services for the habilitation, rehabilitation, or prevention of communicative or oropharyngeal disorder and delays in development of communication skills.

How to Apply for Service
It is the mission of Alta California Regional Center to assist persons with developmental disabilities, including infants at risk and their families by providing and securing those services and supports necessary to maximize opportunities and choices.

It is our belief that the principal test of the success of the Alta California Regional Center is the extent to which it enhances the quality of individual and family life and improves the consumer’s and the family’s satisfaction with the services received from or through the Regional Center.

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