Our social skills groups offer help with communication skills such as: greetings, requesting, staying on topic, taking turns, understanding humor, problem solving, as well as understanding gestures and body language for children with identified delays in social language development. Our group program will enable your child to work on their social language skills in a fun group format with same aged peers. Classes meet 90-minutes Monday through Thursday for two-weeks.

Enroll now in our Summer programs that will enable your child to work on their social language skills in a fun group format with same aged peers. Our Summer Social Language Groups target social interaction skills in unique theme-based formats.

Register by June 11, 2018 and receive 15% off

Groups will run Monday through Thursday
June 18 – June 28
Exact group times to be determined at a later date

$600 for 8 sessions (90-minutes per session)

Age Groups:
4 to 6 years old
7 to 9 years old
10 to 12 years old

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Little Mind Readers
4 to 6 years old

Adventures and journeys await for our youngest members! Children will learn how to think about others during fun voyages to outer space, underwater, the farm, and much more! This group focuses on school readiness skills such as: cooperative play, staying with the group, whole body listening, as well as developing imaginative thinking.

Superflex Training Academy
7 to 9 years old

Come train to be a super hero! These members will help Superflex save the day by increasing awareness of their own behavior and the behavior of others through learning flexible thinking. Your child will learn the Superflexible strategies they need to succeed in becoming the ultimate superhero!

It’s Showtime!
10 to 12 years old

Come to the movies to explore thinking about social skills in a fun and interactive way! These members learn to be directors by hitting the “pause” button frequently and freezing the action in order to interpret the context, emotions, intentions, and plans of our favorite movie characters. Once the scene is right, our directors promote to producers, making this movie of life come to action!