A speech and language assessment includes a variety of standardized and non-standardized measures. These tools are used to provide you with the most accurate descriptions of your child’s speech and language strengths, as well as any challenges in these areas. Not sure whether your child is in need of an evaluation? Call us for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your concerns.

We use a variety of the most updated assessment tools as part of an overall evaluation. Standardized measures can include a selection of speech and language assessment tools that will compare your child’s skills to those of typically developing peers. These are instruments such as articulation or phonology tests, vocabulary tests, test of grammar/syntax, narrative skills, and pragmatic skills. Non-standardized measures may include observations of your child, speech and language conversation samples, parent interviews, reports, and classroom observations.

Parents receive a full written report following the assessment, which includes results written in parent-friendly language, as well as a consultation session to review the report results. If warranted, a treatment plan and goals will be developed with parental input as well.