If you didn’t answer yes to at least 80% of the questions, your child may need a speech and language evaluation.

Is your child developing speech and language normally? Answer a few simple questions to find out if your child may need a speech and language evaluation. These are guidelines according to ages by which most children master these skills. Keep in mind, most children do not master all items in one category until they reach the upper age in each age range. If you answer no to the majority of items in each age range, please call us to seek the advice of a certified Speech Pathologist.

These guidelines were adopted from asha.org.

0 to 3 Years

1 to 6 Months

When you speak to him does he quiet down or smile?
Does he seem to recognize your voice?

Does your child make pleasure sounds such as cooing?
Does he have different cries for different purposes?
Does he smile when he sees you?
When your child babbles does he use the P,B, and M sounds?
When he’s excited does he vocalize?

7 to 12 Months

Does he move his eyes or body in the direction of sounds?
Does he notice toys that make sounds?
When music is played does he pay attention?
When you play games like peek-a-boo does he enjoy these?
Does he understand the names of common items like cup, juice, or shoe?

Does he make lots of different sound when babbling?
How does he get your attention? Does he use sounds?
Does he say one or two words yet?

1 to 3 Years

Does he point to some body parts?
Does he follow simple directions such as “kiss baby,” or “roll ball?”
When he looks at a book does he point to pictures?
Does he understand simple opposites such as “big, little?”
If he is closer to three years of age does he follow two requests (e.g., “Get the book and put it on the table.”)?

Is he using lots of single words and two or three word combinations together?
Is he starting to ask questions such as “What’s that?” and “Where go?”
Does he use lots of different sounds (consonants) at the beginning of words?
By age three, do familiar listeners understand his speech most of the time?

4 to 7 Years

Does he pay attention to a short story and answer simple questions about it?
Does he hear and understand most of what is said at home and at school?
Can he follow a simple conversation?
Can he follow two to three step directions in a simple sequence?
Does he respond to instructions at home and school?

Do most people understand his speech?
Can he answer open ended questions such as, “What did you have for lunch today?”
Can he retell a story or talk about events?
Is your child starting conversations with you and peers?
Does your child give directions and retell simple sequences and stories?
Does he use most parts of speech (grammar) correctly?

Does your child know how a book works (e.g., front/back, read left to right)?
Can he identify words that rhyme and count the number of sounds and syllables in words?
Can he identify upper and lower case letters?
Does he recognize some words by sight?
Can he match spoken words with printed words?

Is your child able to print his first and last name?
Can he draw a picture and tell a story about it?
Is he starting to write upper and lower case letters?
If he is in first grade, can he spell frequently used words correctly and print clearly?

8 to 12 Years

Does your child understand grade-level material?
Can he listen attentively in group situations?
Does he listen to and understand information presented by his teacher and peers?
Can he listen and draw logical conclusions in subject area learning activities?

Does he ask and answer “wh” questions (e.g., who, what, where, when, why)?
Does he use increasingly complex sentence structures?
Can he clarify and explain words and ideas?
Can he give directions with 3-4 steps?
Is he able to use oral language to inform, to persuade, and to entertain?
Will he stay on topic, take turns, and use appropriate eye contact during conversation?
Does he open and close conversation appropriately?
Can he summarize a story accurately?

Has he fully mastered phonics and sound awareness?
Does he use meaning clues when reading (e.g., titles, information in story, headings)?
Can he reread and self correct when necessary?
Does he read grade-level stories, poetry, or dramatic text silently and aloud with fluency?
Will he read spontaneously?
Can he follow written directions?
Does he use previously learned information to understand new material?

Does he write legibly?
Can he organize writing with a logical beginning, middle, and end?
Does he use basic punctuation and capitalization correctly?
Can he plan, organize, revise and edit ?
Does he include details in writing?
Can he write effective stories and explanations, including several paragraphs about the same topic?
Does he use vocabulary effectively in writing?